Thursday, September 21, 2006

Web 2.0

Web 2.0... What is it? What's up with all the hype. Why is it that almost everyone I talked to online (at least the geeks, hehe) are talking bout it?

Social-networking(Friendster, myspace, etc.) , blogging, phlogging, wikis. These are just some of the samples that fall under Web 2.0.

The use of the world wide web is drastically moving towards online interaction and social networking, in which contents are dynamically created and contributed by it's users. Traditional static websites is slowly getting less attention if not becoming extinct. User-dependent web portals are generating more traffic, thus making Google Adsense a common buzzword by bloggers.

People always wants to interact. Thats probably the main reason why interactive learning is more successful than reading static, and boring texts on a book. People wants to be able to speak and be heard, to contribute and be part of a social circle. To collaborate and work with other people. To be in control of particular online project and owning data. These are some (if not all) of the qualities of a Web 2.0 application.

It seems that this time, the web is has been given a new life. Web 2.0 is on the brink of becoming a gigantic tidal wave (or so I hope).

Time to bring out the old surfboard and start riding the wave. Hang loose brah!



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