Wednesday, September 13, 2006

San Pablo City Councilor Assaults Mediaman

Councilor Edgardo "Egay" Adajar again???
Adajar was also in the news about a year ago when he went into a brawl with another city councilor while in session. Well this time, he was caught in this video assaulting a local media person, so there's no denying for him.

Honestly, I did respect him (Adajar) once, when I was an active president/officer of the San Pablo City iCafe Owners Association (SPCICOA). He was one of the active politician who is helping the association to fight off a proposed local bill/resolution that will hinder the growth of the iCafe sector since the bill was implying that the iCafe business is synonymous to gambling, video games and other forms of bad vices. Absurd! I guess the person who thought about that bill is still back in the nintendo family computer or atari days. He should get himself exposed more to the modern day computer. The local bill was still passed but is now under a more better terms.

Well, anyway, back to Councilor Adajar. Thats one vote less from me for him this coming election (and to think I did voted for him last election).

I am more interested in IT development, new technologies, breakthroughs and useful links, but this is one of the rare ocassions that politics and their moro-moro stunts amuse me. See the video and decide for yourself.



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